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About Big Momma Apps

Big Momma Apps is a division of Rocket Tier LLC that is based in San Antonio, TX.

Since we launched Big Momma Apps – we have developed over 500 apps that are currently available for download within the Apple App Store or the Android App collection.  Our goal when developing an app is to keep it simple and straight forward while tailoring it to your business needs.  We believe that an app is a way to differentiate your law firm or restaurant by making it easy to connect with clients and deliver useful information directly to their smartphone.  From a “real estate” perspective, the age old axiom is “location, location, location”… what better location is there from marketing and service perspective than “living” on a clients phone which is typically within arms reach from your client at all times.   We believe this proximity combined with ease of access when they need you, may give you a distinct advantage by simply “being there” over  your competition.   The shift toward mobile access and smartphone use has and will continue to impact how people interact with each other and with companies.  If you would like to explore how we can help develop an app for your Law Firm or Restaurant please contact us and schedule a time to talk at 1.800.341.4643

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